How To Take Screenshots in Windows

For that, press start button, type Winver in the search box and press enter. The version of your Windows will be noted in the About Windows Box. Select the window you want to take a screenshot of and click Alt + PrtScn buttons at once. As Soon as You’ve obtained your screenshot, you can store it, email it or copy and paste it into a different program. To capture Something Which normally Disappears if you press the Alt key–such as a drop-down menu–press Ctrl+PrtScn instead.

The image will not be saved automatically; you have to open a program, like Paint or MS Word, to view and save the file. The most basic way to capture a screenshot in Windows is through the Print Screen function. It’s quite an easy but not a straightforward way to capture screenshots. You simply press the PrtScn key on your keyboard, which could be labeled differently on different keyboards. You have to press the Function key and the Print Screen key (Fn+PrtScn) to capture the screenshots on some keyboards. The image will then go to your Clipboard, but it will not be automatically saved.

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Another major problem is that the Start Menu doesn’t seem to be intelligent enough to determine if files have been removed or deleted. The “Recommended Files” list keeps showing deleted files even after they have been deleted, and that can easily get on your nerves on a bad day. If your muscle memory takes you directly to the screen’s bottom-left corner, you might find Start Menu’s placement a little uncomfortable.

  • It bundles way too much software into a single update and as such it’s extremely easy to bork your installation by just using it normally.
  • When I press Alt-Print Screen I get a screenshot of the entire VM+window frame taken in my host-OS.
  • There are several methods to switch to Windows 11, and the most popular ones are upgrade and clean install.
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Combined with memory upgrades and increasing the speed and capacity of your device’s storage, these improvements can offer an opportunity to increase performance and thus your overall gaming experience. Windows users have been waiting since 2015 for Microsoft’s next operating system , but finally, the wait is over…Windows 11 is here! A lot of attention has been focused on the advanced features it offers, as well as its consolidating functions and improvements to the user experience. But Windows 11 brings with it some exciting new gaming features, let’s check them out.

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Today, the bare minimum you get on some configurations is 8 GBs of RAM. We have gone from the days of SD RAM chips to fast DDR4 chips with features such as ECC . click this Windows 95/98/ME can provide a simple sort of service – that is a program operating in the background independant of user logins – by creating a registry key that is read during system startup. Either press Alt-Space or click on the icon at the upper-left corner of the WPDOS window.

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Windows 11 will be available through a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs and on new PCs beginning this holiday. To check if your current Windows 10 PC is eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 11, visit to download the PC Health Check app. We’re also working with our retail partners to make sure Windows 10 PCs you buy today are ready for the upgrade to Windows 11. The free upgrade will begin to roll out to eligible Windows 10 PCs this holiday and continuing into 2022. And next week, we’ll begin to share an early build of Windows 11 to the Windows Insider Program – this is a passionate community of Windows fans whose feedback is important to us.

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